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20 Songs for a Spinning Class

20 Songs for a Spinning Class


Happy Cycling Boards of Canada


It is good to start a spinning class with a slower song. This song is mellow and great for starting a spin class with the lights off. Work On You MSTRKRFT


Also another good up tempo techno beat from benni benassi. The cyclists may be in pain, or their endorphins may be pumping. Either way, this song trick them into thinking they are feeling so fine, or match their mood.


Let There Be replica christian louboutin shoes Light Justice


A good bass replica louboutin pumping track to keep you going.


Idealistic Digitalism


Good music for coasting.


We Are Your Friends Simian


A replica christian louboutin track for motivation.


Southern Sun Paul Oakenfold


This will keep you cycling to the beat and is great for every pace.


Let Forever Be Chemical Brothers


This song about standing in replica louboutin shoes the gutter will make everyone on their bikes feel like they are in the right place.