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Hard to see a blowout in this series

Thanksgiving Tailgate


2. Ohio State 34, Michigan 14: Hard to see a blowout in this series, but Michigan replica louboutin offense is pretty brutal right now. Uncle Urban will try to leave an impression in his first trip to the Big House.


3. Wisconsin 45, Penn State 17:Next stop: South Beach.


4. Michigan State 21, Minnesota 14: replica christian louboutin shoes Next stop: Ohio State.


5. Kansas State35, Kansas 21: This is KU Super Bowl. But this is still Bill Snyder game.


6. Missouri 42, Texas A 34: Raise your hand if youhad Mizzouwinning the SEC East.


7. Lions replica louboutin shoes 28, Packers 14: Yes, I picking the Lions on Thanksgiving. Suh me.


8. Cowboys 31, Raiders 28: A second straight week that Tony Romo doesn lose it in the fourth quarter. Boys on a roll.


9. Texas 28, Texas Tech 27: Is this Mack Brown Senior Day? Could be, and I think Horns will replica christian louboutin finish for the coach.


10. Creighton 75, Arizona State 73: College hoops top offense? The Jays will have to show it tonight.


So far, so good. Scores are off, but not wrong. I am thankful this holiday season that I have a sports columnist that doesn't try to become the story himself and just gives his 'everyday Joe' thoughts and feelings about sports that I sincerely appreciate. Happy Holidays to you and yours Tom. You should be ashamed of yourself for making such a horrible comment. Maybe you had too much Turkey.