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Lucas Oil Stadium rails safe

Lucas Oil Stadium rails safe


Lucas Oil Stadium officials say it safe for fans to return for football this weekend, even though they continue to search for answers in a railing collapse that caused two fans to fall onto a tunnel.


Barney Levengood, executive director of the Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board says every single railing in the stadium has been inspected and he assures fans that they are all secure and wholesale jerseys ready for football, which returns tonight with two high school wholesale nfl jerseys games.


The Capital Improvement Board began investigating following the Colts game on Sunday, when two men were injured after the railing above the Raiders tunnel gave way. Though one man was taken to the hospital, neither was seriously injured.


A witness told Fox59 that he heard the railing after the men leaned in to the railing while trying to catch a pair of gloves tossed to them by a Raiders player.


The Capital Improvement Board says they inspected every single railing in the stadium and cheap jerseys found that they are all secure but they said the investigation into the collapse continues.


Though the fans behavior likely played a role, Levengood says they still don know definitively what went wrong.


always multiple things that you have to look at, Levengood said. why we still investigating. questions remain, Levengood says Lucas Oil Stadium staff and manufacturer representatives examined every railing down to the bolts, with special attention paid to those areas near the tunnels.


have personally gone through and inspected those areas and we also worked with others and feel that we have an absolute safe environment, Levengood said.


would hope that the grounds crew is good at what they do, said Russell Weber, a Colts fan from New Albany.


Weber will attend his first Colts game of the season on Sunday. He lives with spina bifida and says that he often needs more support than his leg braces can provide.


obviously use the railing when I go up to my cheap nfl jerseys seats. I not as steady on my feet as I used to be, Weber said. hoping that they learned from the problem last week and hopefully they tightened everything up.